Family…St. Peter’s Prep…and the Importance of Education

Robert Zito (left), Father Keenan (right), and little Wills

We had a great weekend last week.

Our newest addition to the family – little Wills – was baptized.

But while I stood there holding the little guy, I realized how fortunate we are. And how important education…and the bonds you make through it…are to students, and families. And it’s why – in my opinion – we have to try and make a great education possible for those young men and women who want it.

My high school years – thanks to Prep – were the most important to me from an education standpoint. Yes, I went to a good college and the Advanced Management Program at Harvard…but the four years at Prep taught me more than either of those.

My dad made me go to Prep. And I thank him still today. Prep became part of our family.

Father John Browning, who became President of Prep, became a great friend and officiated at our wedding (44 years ago). He also baptized our three daughters – in the Prep Chapel.

Father Bob Reiser, a former President of Prep, officiated at the weddings of two of those daughters.

And Father Jim Keenan, a former President of Prep, has baptized all four grandchildren – in the Prep Chapel.

People talk a lot about their “North Stars.” Prep may be mine. Still have friends I went to Prep with. And their friends. Constantly meet people in business who went there…or know someone who did. And now meet parents of kids who went there…and they all say the same thing. What a great place.

That’s why we started a scholarship at Prep (Our Scholarships – Cento Amici) and other schools that seem to have the same values. Some of those “kids” who received those scholarships are now giving back to their schools, either directly or through our Foundation, Cento Amici. It’s a great circle. One of our first Prep scholarship recipients is now a member of the Cento Amici board…and I’m thrilled he is.

Foundations like ours are there for one reason – to help young men and women have the opportunity to get great educations. So please visit our website: and help even more great kids attain their dreams.