Our Scholarships

As a recognized 501(c)(3) (non-profit) organization, Cento Amici currently supports scholarships at the following institutions:

The Thomas W. Zito, Sr., Scholarship at St. Peter’s Preparatory School

Ken Boller, S.J., Prep president; Mike Barrera, ’15; John Shea, ’17; Joe Kopacz, ’15; Justin Bonner, ’17; and Mr. Jim Horan, vice president for planning & principal giving.

Since its founding in the mid-1990s, The Thomas W. Zito, Sr., Scholarship at Saint Peter’s Preparatory School (Jersey City) has enabled dozens of talented young men to benefit from the school’s highly regarded Jesuit education. Named for the father of Prep alumnus and former trustee Robert Zito, ’71, this permanently endowed fund has grown steadily, and it currently stands at $1,219,046.

The Zito Scholarship is part of the school’s broader endowment–a collection of restricted funds, a majority of which are devoted to providing merit- and need-based financial awards to qualified students. In the 2019-20 academic year, these awards total some $4 million, with the Zito Scholarship itself providing financial assistance for eight boys annually (two from each academic year).

As with most of Prep’s restricted scholarship funds, the recipients are young men who have met the school’s rigorous admissions requirements, but whose financial circumstances would not enable them to enroll without “need-based” support from funds such as the Zito Scholarship. This scholarship, which Cento Amici is proud to support, is awarded to deserving students from Bayonne, NJ, where the scholarship’s namesake worked tirelessly in support of the community as executive director of the Bayonne Housing Authority.

Zito Scholarship update for Cento Amici
The 2013-14 recipients of the Thomas W. Zito, Sr., Scholarship at Saint Peter’s Prep (l. to r.): Mr. Fred Galano, director of financial aid; Joaquim Goncalves, ’14; Jake Kopacz, ’16; Sean Doherty, ’14; Andrew Doherty, ’16; Fr. Ken Boller, S.J., Prep president; Mike Barrera, ’15; John Shea, ’17; Joe Kopacz, ’15; Justin Bonner, ’17; and Mr. Jim Horan, vice president for planning & principal giving.
The Cento Amici Scholarship at St. Benedict’s Preparatory School

The Cento Amici Scholarship at St. Benedict’s Prep is an annual financial award to needy but deserving students. The school has been a recipient since 2017. St. Benedict’s students are given tremendous responsibility and a significant opportunity to serve as leaders in all aspects of school life. Its graduates go on to become pillars of their communities, as teachers and coaches, business executives, political leaders, doctors, lawyers, etc. Most importantly, they become loving friends, spouses, and parents.

Immaculate Conception High School

From Immaculate Conception High School.

Cento Amici and Immaculate Conception High School:  one hundred friends to celebrate one hundred years!  As Immaculate Conception High School prepares for its centennial celebration in 2025, it is a particular joy to pair deserving high school students who could use a helping hand with our Cento Amici partners.  What better way to honor Cento Amici’s dedication to helping God’s children, especially those who have economic challenges, blossom into responsible Christians so that they can make a positive difference in the world of today, tomorrow, and even the next hundred years? Partnerships, such as the one between Cento Amici and Immaculate that began in 2017, form individuals who have the character and grit to withstand the levels of hardship we have witnessed in the past year.  Our Cento Amici partners know that people who have transcended hardship often develop into our strongest leaders, and Immaculate has graduated hundreds of them.  Cento Amici per cento anni!  Thank you, friends. God bless and Godspeed!

The Cento Amici Scholarship at Montclair State University, College of the Arts (CART)

The Cento Amici Scholarship at Montclair State University, College of the Arts (CART), was established to recognize full time undergraduate students majoring in a field of study within the College of the Arts. Since its founding in 1999, almost a hundred scholarships have been awarded to students in good academic standing who were nominated by their departments.

CART offers more than 50 majors, minors and concentrations in art and design, television and digital media, communication studies, dance, music and theatre. Twice designated as a Center of Excellence, the college maintains a commitment to quality programs, providing professional training and education for students seeking careers as practitioners, educators, public servants and managers of the arts.

Recognized by the US Department of Education for its commitment to providing underserved populations access to affordable higher education, Montclair State university is committed to a learning community that is deeply and broadly reflective of the diverse population of New Jersey.

Pictured from left to right with Medal of Honor winner, Col. Jack Jacobs; Mila Rose Canullus; Carley Hussain; Bob Zito from Cento Amici; and Thomas Santoro. Just a few of the recipients that attended the awards dinner.
The Cento Amici/Alfonse Cinotti Scholarship at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (formerly known as UMDNJ)

The Cento Amici Alfonse A. Cinotti, MD Scholarship at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School is in tribute to the work of Dr. Alfonse A. Cinotti, Ophthalmologist and Honorary Cento Amici member. A pioneer in New Jersey ophthalmology, Dr. Cinotti was Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) New Jersey Medical School for more than 30 years. The school is now known as the Institute of Ophthalmology and Visual Science, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.

Cento Amici support began in 1993 with a scholarship fund being established in 2005. Most Cento Amici awards are granted to future physicians preparing for clinical specialization in ophthalmology and are selected by the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Awards Committee based on outstanding academic achievement and a strong record of community service. Since its founding, $104K has been awarded to a number of students. The Student Sight Savers Program, a local free community outreach program using innovative technology to identify vision threatening diseases in their earliest forms, is one of many ways scholarship recipients contribute their talent to under served communities and also have an opportunity to learn from experts in the medical field.

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, which is part of Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS), supports its mission of providing the highest quality medical education, in addition to research, patient services and community outreach.

Pictured from left to right Jo-Ann Mendles, scholarship recipients Anton Kolomeyer and Natasha Nayak, and Cento Amici Finance Chair, Jim Chimenti.
The Cento Amici Scholarship at Union County College

The Cento Amici Scholarship at Union County College (UCC) was established in memory of John Neiswanger, an early member of Cento Amici, a Union County College board member and a dedicated business professional who was always mentoring young people. Established as an endowed scholarship with the Union County College Foundation in 2002, nearly 50 students have been awarded $174K in scholarships based on academic achievement and financial need.

One of the most racially and ethnically diverse county colleges in New Jersey with major campuses in Cranford, Elizabeth, Plainfield and Scotch Plains, UCC is known for excellence among regional colleges and universities with associate degrees and certificate programs in the arts, sciences and applied sciences as well as a large educator of undergraduate healthcare professionals in New Jersey with student cooperative programs partnering with several major New Jersey hospitals.

Accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, UCC is also recognized for its national honors programs helping students develop solid pathways to a bachelor’s degree including top universities and colleges, teaching English as a second language, and a distinguished American Sign Language program.

The Scholarship certificate was resented by (left to right) Dr. Thomas H. Brown, resident of Union County College; John Neiswanger, Board of Governors of UCC and member of Cento Amici; Joseph Eulo, Cento Amici Scholarship recipient; and Thomas J. Sharkey Jr., Chair of the Union County College Foundation.