Immaculate Conception High School

Cento Amici and Immaculate Conception High School:  one hundred friends to celebrate one hundred years!  As Immaculate Conception High School prepares for its centennial celebration in 2025, it is a particular joy to pair deserving high school students who could use a helping hand with our Cento Amici partners.  What better way to honor Cento Amici’s dedication to helping God’s children, especially those who have economic challenges, blossom into responsible Christians so that they can make a positive difference in the world of today, tomorrow, and even the next hundred years? Partnerships, such as the one between Cento Amici and Immaculate that began in 2017, form individuals who have the character and grit to withstand the levels of hardship we have witnessed in the past year.  Our Cento Amici partners know that people who have transcended hardship often develop into our strongest leaders, and Immaculate has graduated hundreds of them.  Cento Amici per cento anni!  Thank you, friends. God bless and Godspeed!